Calling all work-weary women who feel unappreciated at work, whose talent and skills are going to waste and who are ready to move on and take charge of their lives.

  • Are you feeling disconnected at work and unsure of the future?
  • Do you have an inner voice silently screaming ‘let me out’ while you ponder just how much longer you can keep doing what you’re doing?
  • Are you ready for something new – you are just not sure what ‘it’ is and how to make a start?

Book your free Purpose Clarity Breakthrough Session with me today

In this 40-minute session you will take away:

  • Greater clarity on what you want out of work and life and why it’s important
  • A mini plan on the next steps you can take to find your purpose
  • Your biggest challenge identified and a copy of my 7 easy steps problem-solving formula cheat-sheet

About Ingrid 

There are key moments and times in life when everything changes. It was a collision of moments that set a new direction for Ingrid. In the last few years, Ingrid has suffered the loss of her father, mother and baby brother and more recently her best friend. She has had breast cancer twice, walked away from an unhappy marriage and re-kindled a relationship with the love of her life. All the time she was working in a job that stifled her inspiration…


Discover the Programs

Ingrid runs a range of programs to help you get greater clarity with what you want out of your work and your life and to then go out and take action to make your best life happen.

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