10 Reasons Why February Makes A Better January For Taking Charge Of Your Life

Do you always feel there’s so much pressure on January; coming off a very busy and pressure-filled December? Perhaps you want a bit of a time-out period before you’re ready to plan the next 12 months?

For me, this January has really been a slow start month. We are in Australia and were affected by the bushfires – from being in the middle of  one of the fires and defending property to living for weeks on end choking with smoke-filled air, to feeling the heartbreak of some many fellow Australians losing their homes and so many of our wildlife perished. I didn’t really feel like celebrating let alone looking forward. But today as the 1 February is just around the corner, I’ve got my mojo back; I’ve had time to percolate on what I want from 2020 and now I’m ready for action.

Whatever it is for you that made January a bit of a non-starter monthguess what – February is just as good a place to start the year. In February you can:

  • start setting intentions to create complete alignment with the life you dream about and start living it THIS YEAR
  • find your purpose…so that by June you can be loving your job
  • learn how to align your values with your job so that you contribute to your work every day

And if you still need convincing here’s 10 reasons why it’s not only ok to dig into your plans now – it’s a great tradition to start!!!

  1. Christmas is done and dusted. All the hype and high expectations of Christmas are behind you at least for another 11 months.
  2. The kids are back at school.  You don’t have to craft their activities for 24 hours a day – at last until next holidays.
  3. Your relatives or guests have gone home and back to their lives – freeing up some extra time not having to feed, make beds and entertain.
  4. The mad rush of Christmas parties has slowed to a manageable pace.
  5. You become conscious all of a sudden that the year has started and you’re 31 days into it and there’s a bit of pressure to focus forward.
  6. You’ve probably been ruminating over the Christmas break about all the things that are bugging you even if you haven’t had time yet to do anything about them.
  7. There’s a small window to add YOU and your plans into the calendar of commitments being created.
  8. Starting all your goals in February makes next January a good time to wrap things up from the year and gives you a sense of a bit of extra time.
  9. You’ve started back at work and remembered that your current job is not serving you and nothing has changed over the break.
  10. In reality – any time is a good time to decide to take charge of your life – why not February?

As is always the case – there is only one thing not to do and that is to ‘not start’ – whatever month or day you wake up and decide that you are going to take charge of your life – is the best day to start.

Any my challenge to you – is to stop with the excuses that you’ve missed the boat in January and go for it….2020 can be an amazing year still and a great entry into the decade.

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