About TN20Y

More women who love the work they do, who live intentional lives thriving in workplaces for generations to come to the benefit of families, communities and business.  

Our goal is to support 5,000 or more women a year find their purpose, own their power and live more fulfilling lives. We believe fulfilled women share their uniqueness to the benefit of others especially their children and that their shared knowledge builds stronger communities. People who understand and live their purpose make better employees and employers which can minimise the impact of unemployment on individuals and positively impact workplaces for generations to come.

You can expect us to:

  • be future-focussed
  • embrace change and uncertainty
  • be tech-savvy and want to harness new ways of working
  • connect people and ideas
  • be warm and authentic
  • be both motivating and nurturing


TN20Y Values

  1. TN20Y has a responsibility to share knowledge and build skills in others so they can live an extraordinary life.
  2. TN20Y will always seek to lift people up and allow them space to grow.
  3. TN20Y is innovative, inquisitive and insightful in its product offerings and the way it does business.
  4. TN20Y will seek opportunities to serve communities and causes close to its heart.
  5. TN20Y is kind, generous and respectful.
  6. TN20Y believes pursuing the best in human potential will have a positive impact on the world.
  7. TN20Y believes human experience is everything.
  8. TN20Y promotes life-long learning.
  9. TN20y is excited and passionate about the potential of future workplaces to nourish employees and communities.
  10. TN20Y respects that everyone’s experience of the world is different and believes that everyone has the power within to mould that experience and create a better more intentional life.

What we will never compromise on….

  • Our belief that all people deserve the opportunity to be heard, to succeed and achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Our commitment to integrity in all our business dealings.
  • Our goal to create amazing experiences and products that transform people’s lives.


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