About Ingrid 

There are key moments and times in life when everything changes. It was a collision of moments that set a new direction for Ingrid. In the last few years, Ingrid has suffered the loss of her father, mother and baby brother and more recently her best friend. She has had breast cancer twice, walked away from an unhappy marriage and re-kindled a relationship with the love of her life. All the time she was working in a job that stifled her inspiration. Any one of these events may give us cause to pause and think about life. In combination, they gave Ingrid the drive to re-invent herself and to find ways to share her purpose, to live a life well lived regardless of how much time is on the clock. She believes in being a role model and challenging others through challenging herself when life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In 2016, Ingrid left full time work for the government to contemplate what she should do next and how to give back to others. This is where the inspiration for TN20Y has come from.

Ingrid is trained in NLP and has thirty years of management experience including 15 years in the public sector and about the same time in the private sector. She has a wealth of knowledge in diverse roles from sales and business development and training to implementing government policy and successful program management. She has been a mentor and a coach both in her private and professional life. After taking the leap from private to public sector, she is now making her way into the world of entrepreneurship.

Ingrid is passionate about people fulfilling their potential and being happy in the workplace. She believes this is the formula for business success and increasingly important for designing future workplaces.

Learn more about Ingrid’s big impact goals and aspirations through her company TN20Y – the next twenty years here.


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