All You Want For Christmas Is You…

(La la – you can hear the song in your head can’t you!!)

As we face down the end of the year with less than a month to go, what are you doing for YOU to end the year on a high?

Now you might be wondering whether that is prudent or useful thinking after the year we’ve had? You may be in a country that is in the second grip of a COVID wave and you are tired and over it all.

Don’t stay there!!!

If you haven’t already done it sometime this year – now is the time to reflect. So that you can commit to yourself and design the life you want as we head into 2021.

Because here’s the thing. The year we’ve had has given most of us a reason to pause to think about our lives. Now that we’ve seen how the year has impacted on us – it is more of a known quantity. This gives us the chance to think about how global forces impact us and also to look inward at the life we are living and reflect, to go out, take charge and create your life.

Here are some important takeaways that are impacting my thinking…

  1. The world will never be the same.

Do you keep wondering when we will stop talking COVID and get back to our lives as they were before? In Australia I think we have been incredibly lucky in comparison with other countries and unless you have been directly impacted it’s hard to see what all the fuss is about. The downside of being lucky is that we may be living under a false sense that things will one day go back to normal.


I have to catch myself. I have to correct myself. We are creating a new normal whether we are in highly affected hot spots or not.


  1. A new normal is emerging.

That new normal is all about creation. You need to get curious. Clearly you will need to create a new normal for your own life but you should also look for ways to contribute to what the new normal looks like for your work, your leisure and mostly importantly for your future.


This is an opportunity of a lifetime.


  1. The world of work is changing.

The interesting thing is that it already was changing; this year it has just sped up. We can either embrace that or fall behind. It’s not just how we do our jobs in a physical sense but how our jobs look, how technology comes off the backburner, the skills that are important and what it means to be productive.


There is both a shortage of workers and high unemployment. Permanent 9-5 jobs are also on their way out the door and we know after this year that work can happen in more ways than in an office. Employers are looking for different skill sets but employees are also looking for different things out of their work too.


Over time we need to bring all of this together to create new norms.


  1. How we will live our lives is changing.

Someone in your family – whether its you, your kids or your grandkids will live until they are 100. How prepared are you or your family? Even now, in my middle years my life expectancy is mid-nineties. That’s another 40 years, almost half a lifetime.


We need to re-frame our thinking because ‘retirement as we know it’ is sliding out the back door fast. In many cases because we aren’t ready to stop work and in most cases because we will need an income now (the pension will be non-existent or not sustainable). For most of us this means working another 20 years past ‘the old-fashioned notion of retirement and now arbitrary age of 60’. And that is just the tip of all the cultural change, we need to factor into our lives and our dreams.


  1. Your success is pivotal to global success.

This is absolutely core to me as this is the one area where we have control and collectively, I believe we can affect change – doing what we are put on this planet to do and doing it well. So many people move through life ‘as it happens’ rather than taking control and living a life where they are living their highest potential and that they love.


A world where everybody steps up, knowing the gifts they have to serve and help others – that matters.


The more we do this, not only will we be a part of what the new norm looks like, creating workplaces where people thrive, but the energy of all people working towards the things the earth and its people need will raise the vibration of the earth and help it heal.


You need to do your bit on this wake-up call.


So, with all this change swirling around – how can you end this year on a high, have a magical Christmas and prepare for the new year and the decade ahead?

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