Five Secrets You Can Learn From MasterChef To Change Your Life

What is it you think are the most valuable secrets that contestants have figure out and how can you benefit?

 MasterChef in Australia started its season this week and it reminded me of an article about its success back in 2010 in the Business Review Weekly. At the time I challenged my team to think about how the elements of success might relate to helping job seekers – that was my role back then. They thought I was crazy but we had fun doing the exercise, nonetheless. 

When I watched the first episode of this season last Monday, I was reminded of that article and it prompted me to think about what the show can teach us all during this unsettling time. 

So, here’s my take this week… 

Glimpse the possibility of a life loving what you do 

I love MasterChef (I love cooking) but what I love most is it gives us a glimpse into the possibility of a life following your passion. This group of people come together at the beginning of a series with dreams, they put aside ‘the jobs they do but don’t love’ and jump into the realm of possibility. 

I love the show for giving them this opportunity and the contestants for grabbing it with both hands. This year the contestants have all appeared before and who didn’t win the first-time round. They are back for another go and what is absolutely delightful to see is that just because they didn’t win – it gave them enough impetus to walk away from a job they didn’t love and follow their food dreams. All of them have created a life in the food industry, whether that be a restaurant or something less lofty – I am sure they would all tell you they are infinitely happier now than they were in their previous ‘unfulfilling’ jobs. 

This shows screams at me ‘change is possible’ for each and every one of us and when you find that thing that excites and lights you up you will find a way to bring that into your life. 

You have great potential within – more than you believe

 The second thing I love is that the contestants always achieve more than they think they can. We’ve seen some crazy challenges that have pushed them to the boundaries of what they believed they could do and even when dishes aren’t a complete success – there is not one contestant who doesn’t feel like they’ve accomplished something to be really proud of and done something they never thought possible. 

You too can achieve way more than you give yourself credit for. You have gathered so many life experiences a long the way that until you put yourself to the test – you probably think of yourself as ordinary. Trust me there is extraordinary within if you’re willing to look and step up and give it a go.

 Mentors and Coaches are a great investment 

MasterChef also shows us that having great mentors or teachers not only lifts us up and motivates us to bigger and better things, they can help us with technique and direction. They get to know us and become cheerleaders for us and guides on our journey. You don’t have to be a contestant on a cooking show to find a mentor or a coach to guide you to finding your best self. 

As a coach I can tell you that most people who pick this career, do so because they believe in the extraordinary potential within each of us and love to be a part of that journey of self-discovery with our clients. 

Life-long Learning Is Required 

The extension of this is one of the current themes of future workplaces and that is the need for life-long learning to keep us in the game for the work that we do. There’s lots of courses flying around online at the moment – if you haven’t done anything for years or are not sure what you want to do then maybe try a couple of small ones in areas you have an interest as part of your research on the work you’d love to do. And if you already know where you are headed then bite the bullet and find a course that will up your skills. It doesn’t have to take all your time but it will be time well spent. 

From this virus onward – online learning will never be considered second class learning again. It will be a legitimate and efficient way to build your skills and you have the whole world to look for the right learning experience. 

Our weird and wacky ideas 

Lastly, and it’s something a lot of us think we are ‘not good at’, the show inspires and rewards creativity and innovation by taking traditional or much-loved dishes or even just five ingredients and letting the contestants imaginations soar. 

Creativity and innovation are also going to play a big role in future workplaces. So, the next time you have a ‘silly little idea’ that you push to the back of your mind – think again. Take that idea and play with it for a while – see what you come up with. The experience alone will help you get comfortable with playing in the innovation space and will be well regarded in your workplace. 

Lessons to help you shine

So next time you sit down to watch MasterChef, be inspired not just by the great looking dishes they produce but by the lessons and the gift of possibility that the contestants can give you. 

  • You can live a life that includes using your unique abilities and passion.
  • Change is easy when you tap into that which excites and motivates you.
  • Getting a mentor or a coach is a great idea to help you navigate your future.
  • Life-long learning is an essential tool to keep you challenged at work.
  • Creativity and innovation are valuable skills to develop and help you both have fun with what you do and reach your potential. 

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