Have You Lost The Job You Hated? What’s Next?

For starters – if this is you – my first piece of advice is to take care of yourself during this time is the number one thing you can do now. There’s likely a lot of emotions swimming around within and if you’re stuck inside your home and inside your head then your wellness is probably suffering. This is not the time to let this get on top of you!!! (I will deal with overwhelm in a coming post but if you know you need help – click on the link below for a free 40-minute Mastering Change Coaching session where we can get you out of the state of overwhelm right now).


Questions To Ask

So, what are three questions you can start asking yourself, during this time, if this is you?

  • At the end of this – will you get your job back? (And how do you feel about that?)
  • Do you already know what else you would like to be doing? (If so, do you know how to get there?)
  • How willing are you to invest time now in isolation to improve your work situation once the world re-starts? (And what are you going to do about that?)

Now I know they are double-banger questions but this is the time to really dig deep to be ready for the world on the other side of COVID-19. It will be changed forever.

You may need to take your job back in the short-term to cover your bills if that’s possible. But having a bit of a scare about just how precious and short life can be – may leave a ‘stronger than ever before’ deep knowing that you cannot do what doesn’t serve you much longer.

And what if your job is gone? How long is it since you’ve looked for work? Where are you going to start?

Right now, you have the luxury of time to make a plan of action so why not plan for finding work or a job that will lift you up rather than any job. If you haven’t already done so – the place to start is thinking about what you enjoy doing, what you do well and what is one thing you can bring to an employer that will make you stand out from a crowd. If the area you want to work in is new to you then now is the time to research, research, research – who the companies are, what are the skills they look for, do your values and work rhythm align?

Do I Stand A Chance?

Now you might be thinking there will be so many people looking for work at the end of this what chance do you stand? And you’re right – about many people looking for new jobs – but you’re not right about ‘not standing a chance’ – if you are willing to get a head start now in quarantine – I promise you that if you take the simple steps I’ve outline below and really work through them – you will be better placed than 80 percent of the population who will do nothing during this time.

Your Three Simple Steps

  • Check where you are emotionally – if you know that is ‘not a good space’ then you need to find ways to get out of your negative emotions or it will be hard for you to think positively about the future. (Look out for my next blog.)
  • Ask yourself the three questions above and be honest with your answers. You can come out the other side of this stronger and with work that you love – or at the very least enjoy!!!
  • Research, research, research – and by this, I mean both yourself i.e. get in conversation with you about who you are in life, what is important and what you want out of life? And for possible jobs and organisations that will engage and empower you and start making that plan of action.

And one final message – invest your time in yourself – whether it’s getting yourself in the right emotional state or planning for a better more aligned job in the future – this is the difference that will make the difference.

If you need further guidance then click on the link below and take advantage of my Mastering Change Discovery session – 40 minutes all about you. This session is free when you book through this link.



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