Is The Lack Of Balance In Your Life Affecting Your Ability To Achieve Your Goals?

The simple answer is most probably yes.

Do you spend most of your day worried about how you are going to do everything you need to do and then get home at night totally exhausted?

When your life is out of balance you tend to spend a lot of time in negative emotions such as overwhelm or frustration or stress. When you are in these states, your mind tends to go in circular motions – re-thinking, overthinking and half-baked thinking!!!

The big question though is, what is balance? Nothing is ever going to be equally balanced like a set of scales and when we talk about work-life balance it means different things to different people.

I’m going to suggest three things that can affect your feeling of balance in life. If you seek to understand these elements and how they resonate in your life – you can tweak your thinking and your actions to find more balance. Of that, I am sure.

What is your understanding of balance?

Do you know what it means to you?

If you haven’t thought about this question – then this is a good place to start. Try and describe a day in your life where everything feels balanced. Can you describe the feelings you associate with having a balanced day? The more mystical this is to you and the less you can describe it – the less likely you are to be able to achieve it.

Once you have a picture in your mind, come up with one thing you could do less of and one thing you could do more of to help move you toward that feeling. When you embed these ideas and practice this exercise regularly, your mind will start to give you options rather than send you into overdrive.

What is your relationship with time?

Another thing that affects your feeling of balance is your relationship with time. Do you see time as your enemy? If you constantly feel like you are fighting time you will always feel like you never have enough.

Time is, in fact, a constant in your life. Same 1440 minutes in every day. It’s how you choose to use it that determines whether you constantly feel ‘out of balance’. And the key word there is ‘choose’. Do you choose what to do with your time and how to allocate it or does time rule you?

Simple things like running a diary for all your activities – not just specific appointments can help you have a better relationship with time. When you can visually see what your schedule looks like and it’s not just in your head – then it’s easier to make adjustments when you need to find time.

How important is guarding your energy level to you?

The third thing that can affect your feeling of balance is how you treat the energy within. Do you let your tank run close to empty? For as long as you let your energy reserves run low and don’t replenish it – then you will feel out of balance.

Generating energy is one of the most powerful things you can do to find balance again. And I know when you have none – then you feel like the best thing to do is nothing. But often its quite the opposite.

The distinction is doing enough of the right activities.  Its all the things you’ve heard again and again. More exercise. Less sugar. More meditation. Less alcohol. Learn to say ‘no’ to others. Learn to say yes to yourself.  Not enough time. Make time.

You get the picture. Can you make a list of things you could do that would generate positive energy?

If you start in these three places you can start creating balance in your life, then you can prepare to look forward and really be able to achieve those goals you have.


And if you’d like some extra ideas then click on the link below to download my 10 Tips For Creating More Balance In Your Life Checklist.



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