Thoughts And Concerns I Had While Choosing A Different Life And Why It’s Paid Off

I think that now that we are in March, we have to consider ourselves well and truly into the year proper. If you still haven’t quite got your act together then now is as good a time as ever (I’m going to say that a lot – probably every month) because I truly believe that every day is another opportunity to live a little more intentionally and even if you start and stop and start again it’s still better to keep getting up and giving it another go.

I’ve stopped and started numerous times; I learn something more about myself and the world each time; I get frustrated but I never think about giving up. This is where I am sure I can help you.

I often ask women I talk to who are unhappy about their work, why they haven’t done anything about it and the most common reason is that its just too hard to contemplate change when just managing life seems to take up so much time. On top of that – where do you start? Over the coming months I’m going to explore some of these themes. 

Today I thought I’d tell you about the three things that came up for me when I was deciding to leave the full-time workforce and do my own thing. Will I make things better or worse? Can I survive financially? What will people think? So let’s look at them one at a time.

Will I make things better or worse?


There is not one woman I have spoken to who regrets finally moving from a stuck place, an unhappy job or a place where you are not valued or challenged. Ever. Ever. Ever. There’s a quote about change I really like that goes something like – until the pain of changes seems less than the pain of staying the same you will remain stuck.

The pain of change is always worth it because in reality it’s like a second or third or fourth chance to get a little closer to who you are and what you bring to the world. A chance to try something new; change your mind about what is working for you and get rid of things that are draining your energy, keeping you small and robbing you of daily joy.

My life is undoubtedly better. I am healthier, I have more energy, I’m pursuing a dream of supporting other women and I feel good about being able to serve and make a difference. My creative spirit is positively blooming. Life is infinitely better.

Can I survive financially?

More likely than you think.

Now this is a very personal question, and everyone will have a different answer depending on their circumstances. But what I can tell you is that you will survive, find a way, adjust your life because the feeling of freedom and control over your life will be worth it once you taste it. And all sorts of doors and opportunities will appear once you are committed.

The first time I threw caution to the wind I was a single parent with a mortgage and left a full-time job to study full-time. I think I might have been a bit crazy, but I also had a dream bigger than my fear. Within weeks, a part-time job came up to help me on my way. There were many months that I had to decide which bill I could afford to pay and while there was no spare money, and I did let the money stress get on top of me at times – life was good and I felt alive and it was impossible to feel I’d made the wrong decision.

The second time I jumped ship was about five years ago and while I was certainly in a better position financially, I was still really nervous and stressed about my mortgage and paying the bills. Once again despite wiping six figures off my income I felt happier and healthier than I had been in a long time. And when I jumped back into work briefly because I let doubt get a hold of me I realised spending most of your time at the wrong job, the wrong place of work is a far higher cost than a change to your pay packet.

You will find a way and money will not be central to your happiness anymore. It somehow frees you up to use it differently and somehow find more that is aligned to you.

What will people think?

It’s not important.

We spend too much time in this place, don’t we? Can I just say here – find your support team, the people who love you and forget about everyone else. Life is too short and the journey you will get to embark on by deciding to find something you love, to stop playing in a place that doesn’t light you up,  to get intentional about loving the work you do and taking charge of your life will reward you in so many ways you can’t possibly imagine right now.

Why its paid off for me

I am creating a life I love that serves other women and that brings me meaning and joy.

I’m 15 kg lighter and so much healthier, I’ve stopped accumulating so much stuff, I have a grand vision and plans for my life, I have more time  to spend creating memories with family and friends and the more I put myself out there the more opportunities knock on my door. It’s the life you create that you will remember not the money you make.

P.S. And the one other thing I know for sure is that we are all infinitely resourceful. Jumping ship doesn’t mean not planning your dream life first. I dream and I plan.

So how about it? Ready for change? I’d love to help guide you. This we can do.

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