If you were to believe everything you read about the future of work – it sounds a bit scary. But for me – it’s exciting. So many opportunities for us to learn and see and do in our lifetime. All those opportunities – but how do you know where to start?

Welcome to my first blog.

The dent I want to make in the world through TN20Y is helping individuals and businesses with practical tools to prepare for the next twenty years in the workplace. There are two key programs. Through my Engage & Equip program, I will focus on helping businesses, particularly employment services providers with developing talent, talent acquisition and retention or more simply put, job seeker and employee engagement strategies. For individuals my Deep-Dive Heart-First program will help you prepare to find work that supports your life’s purpose. It will help you to understand how to navigate the future workplace, the skills you need, finding an employer match and so much more.

As I am still finalising these programs, I would love to know your burning questions and thoughts on the future of work or topics you’d like to see in future blog articles. And while you’re here check out my website. You can leave your contact details if you’d like to keep in touch or learn more about my programs.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Ingrid C

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