Where Are You In The Maze Of Life Right Now?

Do You Need Some Loving?

 I feel like I’m stuck on a soapbox at the moment. Stuck in a good way, although not quite the way I expected. When I started my business I believed that, like me, everyone realised the potential and the value of finding your purpose and embedding passion in your life. 

But here is what I’m realising, while there is a vague recognition that purpose might be nice to have (and even things you are passionate about),  most people are lost in the middle of work and life and kids and relationships and bills and fear of change and a million other things – a little like being lost in one of those mazes.

 And they are in the middle of the maze for so long that it’s really hard to find a way out of the confusion or remember that at any given moment there is a start point to find (and often multiple ones at that). And what happens? They settle. You settle. You settle for the life in front of you, beside you and behind you and you take one direction until otherwise notified.

 The other interesting thing I’m realising is that even though I’m one of those people who believe in purpose and seeking it out – it has still taken me most of my adult life to get where I am today. Life got in my way too. The only difference, I never totally gave up on the idea of purpose once I had a whiff of it.

 I bridge two worlds at the moment. In the business world where I connect with lots of other amazing women all building businesses to serve their purpose – it’s a natural part of the conversation. And in the rest of my world it is hard to get the conversation going.

 But I’ve realised the most loving thing I can do is gently poke and prod my audience to start thinking more about their lives, their purpose and their passions so that when it’s the right time for their aha moment – they are ready.

 Lost, Restless or Ready?

 As you read this, I wonder where are you in the maze? Totally lost, restless and looking for a way out or ready to start again.

 My first piece of advice is, wherever you are in the maze – be kind to yourself.

 Whether your frustrations are from all the things not going right in your life and ‘who cares about purpose and the only thing you want passionately is sleep’or knowing you want something different, just not knowing what or how or who and ‘is purpose really the thing or would it be ok just to feel happy for a bit’or being ready to step out of your shadow and not knowing where to start – saying ‘bring it on – purpose or passion or let’s have it all’.

 Small Steps

 If you are totally lost, then for now the best thing you can do is to make one hour a week for yourself to take some think time; to replenish your soul or to do something you love just for you. Be consistent. Your time will come if you make some space for it.

 If you are getting restless and searching, don’t give up. Look for ideas and people that inspire you. Start to think about what your life is both too short and too long – not to be doing. Feed your restlessness with books and conversations about life. Get really curious.

 And if you believe you are ready to move on and you are at a new starting point then find a buddy or a mentor or a coach and learn how to live an intentional life, to find your purpose and to invite joy and abundance into your life.

 Claim Your Free Purpose-Clarity Session

 I get this gig called life is hard. I’ve survived a few hard yards myself.

 That is why my programs are all about helping you define what you want for your life and making it happen so that you love the work you do and live a life you love. I know what a difference it can make to the quality of your life.

 If you are ready for a bigger life I’d like to offer you a 30-minute chat with me to get some tips on how to get more clarity on your purpose. This is a free, no-obligation chat. Click on the link below and find a time in my calendar. There are limited spaces this month.



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