Who Cares About My Purpose Anyway?

That, it seems to me, is the 60-million-dollar question.

Should I care? I don’t have to but I do because I believe living on purpose can change your life and that is what I am all about. Women living lives they love, doing work they love and teaching their families and friends to do the same. So that our world can be a better place.

Should you care? Absolutely. If you don’t care about your purpose, the gift you can bring to the world, understanding the things that bring you more joy and being able to make a difference – then what is your life all about?

If you’re thinking it’s paying the bills, getting the kids to ballet, paying the mortgage…then what are the unhidden things you’re not willing to think out loud? Let me tell you what some of them might be…feeling tired all the time; being bored at work, relationship blues, wondering what the next twenty years is going to bring if this is all you have now? Hoping that you’ll get to live your dream life in retirement?

If your life is some version of the above – I hate to say this – but you’ve settled. Seriously, and with love. You can have more control over the way your life plays out. You can add meaning to others. You can love what you do and you can be braver and bolder than you think you can.

Why should you care?

Let me give you a list of reasons why it’s worth the investment of your time into thinking about your life.

It’s good for your physical health

  • You will most likely live longer than those who drift aimlessly in life. (More than twice as likely.)
  • You will sleep better. (A side effect of more fulfillment and less stress.)
  • You are less likely to be depressed, have low self-esteem and even have a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease, auto-immune disorders and heart health issues.
  • You will stress less because you have prioritised doing things you love.
  • Your genes will adjust to positively impact your physical health. This is related to having better health. (Who would have thought!!!)

It’s good for your mental health

  • It helps you know that ultimate feeling of having met all your basic needs and reached the time for self-actualisation and the desire to fulfill your unique potential.
  • You will feel more hopeful and excited for the future. Your future will pull you forward.
  • You will have more ideas and feel more creative because your brain won’t be filled with things that you don’t like or want.
  • You will feel more resilient because you have perspective, confidence and determination in what you want out of life.
  • You will feel more optimistic. And optimistic people more naturally find the good in all sorts of situations.

It’s good for your wellbeing

  • It’s your sweet spot. That feeling point where you are excited and energised by all the possibilities you have in your life. That feeling of flow.
  • By enhancing your commitment to, and accomplishment of, your goals you will feel happier and more fulfilled.
  • You will be an awesome role model. Ninety-eight per cent of people die without ever achieving their creams/goals. You are a superstar.
  • You will be drawn to prioritise what’s important in your life so you have more balance.
  • You will find ways to do less of the things that don’t serve you and more of the things you love doing. Decisions will be easier.


It’s good for your ‘career’ – whether it’s your main gig, a side hustle or your retirement gift to yourself and the world

  • You will find the courage to leave a job that you feel ‘stuck in’ when you have a grander vision that needs pursuing.
  • If you are staying put for now – you will find ways to awaken meaning and engagement in what you do and/or find ways to start living your purpose outside of your ‘bill-paying’ day job.
  • With some imagination, strategy and conviction – you can make a career out of it or build a business.
  • You can retire from that day job in the knowledge that there is something bigger, better out there for you to fill your days with joy. (Keeping yourself active is essential in a world where we live longer too.)
  • It will enhance your credibility and influence because you will be in no doubt what you want, why you’re doing it and you will want to share your message and your joy.


I’m not saying it won’t be hard – but it won’t all be hard. I am saying it will challenge you and you will grow and love that challenge when you get to see life on the other side.

And it’s already there – tucked inside of you, waiting to shine.

You don’t need to do this overnight or run away from life as you know it.

You do have to get curious, take action and trust yourself.

Take some steps to at least know what you are missing out on. You want your kids or nieces and nephews or even friends to be all they can be, don’t you? Then, why not you?

One step. Click on the link below. No obligation but let’s have a chat anyway about your future. You know you want to. Let me help you find that buzz.



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